April, 2019
Tamil Language training Diploma Course to Non-Tamils
International Institute of Tamil Studies an autonomous educated institute under Government of Tamil Nadu is engaged in various activities connected with Tamil Language, Tamil Culture, Tamil Literature and Tamil Society. One of the primary motives of the Institute is conducting Tamil Language training programme as a Diploma Course in teaching Tamil Language to Non-Tamils (Foreigners & Indians) with Basic and Advanced levels teaching materials designed by linguists and Tamil Language teaching experts. A number of trainees from USA, UK, Canada, Japan, Korea, France, South Africa, and Re-Union have undergone this training and become well Tamil lingual and they are found good enough in communication. More than 500 Non- Tamils are trained so far. The Institute provides adequate infrastructure facility where the Trainees feel comfortable in the class room. The Institute also plans to have smart class room with well equipped language laboratory very shortly. The tutors are best trainers with the knowledge of linguistics and language teaching technology. Having oriented situation for learning Tamil language at the Institute, encourages Non-Tamils to make use such great opportunity. This training programme assures the trainees enable them to be a skillful in spoken and written Tamil along with its other salient features.

Teaching Materials

The Linguists of this Institute have designed teaching materials, providing adequate lessons which help the trainees to learn Tamil in a systematic way.
The materials are:
• An Auto Instructional Course of Audio-Lingual method for teaching Tamil
• An Auto Instructional Text book
• Tamil script-work book
• Work book spoken Tamil
• Hand book Tamil- An Auto instructional Course
• Work book written Tamil- An Auto Instructional Course
• CD (Tamil Uzagam)

Teaching Methods
• Shaping technique method
• Stroking procedures
• Exercises
• Pronunciation Drills
• Grammar translation method

• Tamil – An auto instructional course text book divided into two parts according to the level of course, the first part comprising 10 lessons for introductory course and second part comprised to lessons for advanced course.

Duration of Training Programme

The entire training programme has the duration of 9 months, i.e about 324 clock hours. The Course is divided in to two levels: Basic and Advanced. The Basic course has about 108 clock hours of instruction with primary emphasis on the spoken Tamil, written Tamil and grammar. An advanced course has about 216 clock hours of context oriented lessons and exercises with enough drills.

Fee for Admission

Introductory Course - Rs. 1500/- (Indian), Rs. 5000/-(Foreigner)
Advanced Course  Rs. 3000/-  Rs. 10000/-

Course Duration

Course is being conducted for every year in the following sessions.
Basic Course : January – March
                    April – June
                    September – November
Advanced Course : June – December

For Further Details:

Dr. P. Selvakumar
Faculty of Tamil Language & Linguistics
International Institute of Tamil Studies CIT Campus,
Taramani Chennai – 600113


To speak: +91 - 9952448862